Young Blood-


Young blood flowing through his veins
He’s just a dead man walking stray
His demons dancing, oh let it rain crimson
Tap and sway at the sound of jazz
The full moon casting its magic on mosiac
Dancing madly, the misty poet
Possessed by the notes of darkness
Rosita, Lolita, Oh señorita
Hold my hand, swirl and faint
In my arms, your stare in my eyes
The young poet sways tonight
The young poet prays tonight
The crimson is red tonight

Atta ul Kibria



A Love Lost-


A love lost, a dream shattered
Echoes of her laugh, a faith tattered

The lilac sky, a dying sun
insolence of love, now let him burn

God bless the corners of her smile
Her timid heart, his demons so vile

Made her his queen, his love her crown
A lovely betrayal, left him to drown

For a moment he thought, he forgot to swim
His demons rocked his heart, he starts to swim

The darkness, the demons, his old friends
Saved him from his bitter end

Not made for love, now he know it
The resurrection of The Crimson Poet

Atta ul Kibria


The Blacksmith-


Like a sting of the cold steel
That urge for forgiveness, every time you kneel
Quit it, lets ride back to start
For there isn’t much time, before your soul depart

Like a shimmer of the shiny gold
Bound to deceit, if truth be told
Necklace around their neck, jewels to embellish
Pomp and greed, none else to relish

Like a scent of the rusty iron
Fears the air but cages the lion
Soon to be vanquished, to be effaced
But still remains the blacksmith’s grace

Like a clatter of the starry silver
Power and justice, cries and shiver
Carried by the Knight and the Dame
Mere words of it, puts gold to shame

Atta ul Kibria

A Chapel On Fire-


Beam of light tearing through the emerald window glass
The preacher on his knees, hands clutched together to pray
Holy water dripping down the chalice of brass
A trial of faith, let it begin today

Mouth mumbling verses, calling his Lord
The dove flapped its wings on the high ceilings
With trembling hands, a little wine he poured
Fear and strength, a tapestry of feelings

The blood flowed, bodies beheaded
Martyrs of belief, of ones who believed
The clash of faiths, the poet always dreaded
The preacher sobs, the menace revealed

It’s the chapel’s gold they want to rob
Torches in their hands, daggers in their cloaks
They barred the door, the evil mob
As they light up the chapel and its folks

Where the scream sound distant, is the poet
Watching and writing, birth of evil he mourn
Too weak his faith, not enough words to fight
Yet another chapel, destined to burn

Atta ul Kibria




He’s lost, he wanders endlessly
Around the realm of impiety
A heart soaked in sins
A mind filled with treacherous games
Sweat flows down the texture of his skin
As he sit in a half lit room
Hair falling over his forehead
And eyes tired with scarlet cracks
Remedy between his fingers
As he blows the pain away
A cloud of smoke
Engulfing his cursed existence
With a dream to reignite
And a hope for tomorrow
With a passion to love
And a hope for a lover
With scars on his body
And a hope to endure
He spares his sorry life
For it is not his to take
Whilst living in a world
Living amongst people so fake
He writes away his pain
His sorrows, the demons he has slain
He writes his love, his life
Until the very end
The day his bloody self
Is called the crimson poet

Atta ul Kibria


Somewhere In Milan-


The sun shines on the Milan sky
They standing outside the floral shop
The scarlet roses on ivory tiles
And she dressed in blue
He held her close
So close, he could sniff her hair
Her enchanting scent and her lovely stare
Under the shadow of Milan cathedral
She rests her head on his shoulder
Notes of choir and the holy organ
Carried them away to the realm of Gods
Gods and Goddesses
They envy their love
For there’s no good a wine
They sipped on the Navigli bank
When the sun goes down
And the fireflies illuminate the canal
A reflection below
With stars above
A constellation of love
The full moon ‘bright and glorious’
Swayed with the saxophone tune
As they lay together
Sharing their warmth
Cherishing the magic hours

Two lovers of Italy
Dreaming of a love in Milan

Atta ul Kibria


The End of Winter, Oh Crimson-


The sun sinks down the ocean waves
Dyeing the sky into the holiest of shades
They blend the hues of lilac and purple
From her red lipstick stain
And his deep blue eyes

As the stars shimmer on the cosmos
Constellations light up the dark night
They dance bare feet on sand
Her crimson gown swirls as she sway
He dressed in navy with a touch of grey

Whilst the night is young
And the love is ripe
Her hair run through his fingers
A full moon shines in his eyes
A touch of love, a sip of wine

They’ll be killed for what they’ve done
Lest they care, for their hearts are one
Fingers twined in a constant sway
The purest of smile and a blush on their face
Let their lips to embrace

of all seasons, winter is the one
same with all shades and the crimson

Atta ul Kibria

The Queen’s Revolt-


She’s tired but not broken
She hesitated but she’s fearless
The scars engraved on her soul
She doesn’t hide the tyrant’s mark
The rebel inside, her eyes’ spark

Oh, this is the beginning
Of the King’s reckoning
nail him to his throne
shame him and take away his crown
Clothe him in sins and make him walk his town

Oh, this is the beginning
Of the mighty Queen’s rising
All those dirty hands, now burnt
Like a lioness set out to hunt
Oh, she fears not and she’s blunt

Oh, this is the beginning
Of the mighty Queen’s revolt
A new era of courage, behold!

Atta ul Kibria



A night darkest of all
Thunder roared and the winds howled
The moon blanketed by the mist
The horses neighed in the stables
As the downpour rattled the old castle
A shadow in the light of the flickering flame
A daunting face, a trembling body
Hands incarnadined with blood
A cursed soul from the depths of hell
Buried beneath the multitudes of sins
His virtues pleaded for mercy
All hail! the Lord of impiety
He stumbled and fell on the cold floor
His hollow breaths echoed in the hallways
A dagger seeped into his unholy heart
A dagger forged from light and love
And cooled in the golden chalice
of the divine wine from the heaven
His soul so corrupted, the light be its poison
Standing in the shadows are
The sons and daughters
Of the oppressed and ravaged
With emotionless smiles on their faces
They showered petals and glitters on his dying body
Rejoice! the end of darkness
Rejoice! the end of tyranny
Open the gates of thy hell
The King of impiety approaches

Atta ul Kibria


In My Dream-


Every night you’re in my dream
I see you dance and hear you scream
A million tales for you to tell
Of heavens above and the hell

I wish this acquaintance to be true
With all the secrets that you already knew
I invite you tonight, to share my bed
Together we fight demons, in my head

Every time I look in your eyes
My heart stops, my time flies
That majestic spread of your dark hair
Let me embrace your body bare

I wish it was all so real
The emotions inside, that I feel
To my love, there is no end
Your beauty makes my broken heart to mend

Every night you’re in my dream
I see a shadow amidst lightning
So far away yet close, you stand
Begging me to hold your hand

Every night you’re in my dream
The Poet falls into your lovely scheme
A million words for him to write
As he drinks, all through the night

Every night you’re in my dream

Atta ul Kibria