The Final Song-

Standing in the street where a child once played
His sound echoed in laughter
A child all grown up, drenched in sorrows and pain
Taken away from the bliss he once found
In pits of despair, he jumped at every sound
He cried a lot but soon found a way
He told his demons, he was here to stay
A heart made of stone, he survived for nine years
People came and went, but none took his hand
The brothers held him close, made him king of their band
He was whole once again, but sun was soon to die
Was left alone again, the spark in his eyes
Became faint, because all he did was cry
The tears dried up, he called himself the winter
A misfit with a pen, a boy with some words
He picked fight with his demons and slayed their hordes
Time passed by, the poet grew wings
Every soul that loved him, made up a feather
He loves them back, their praise he sings
A brother that pulled him up
An angelic friend who hates being praised
A girl who smiled at him
And the ones who accepted him
It looks as if it’s the end of his drought
But every time he thinks, he gets something wrong
No more of this war, now he pens his final song

Atta ul Kibria


Saints are on fire
Witness the power; the evolution
Oh, this is the revolution

Through the smoke of burning paintings
Marching on the ground
Your demons will come around

Oh, I fear not
The knife edge or the point blank
I shalt pay, for the blood I drank

Oh, I still lived for the good
Just remember me when I die
Call my name and look up to the sky

Thank you all, for not knowing me
For on the day I killed myself
You could’ve tried to save myself

Atta ul Kibria

Brightest Smile-

We walk right by
All the petals that fly
Just keep holding me
So I can fall right in

I see you everywhere
Can you see me?

Oh, I feel so alive
Oh, your loveliest smile
Let us dance right through
The magic of tonight

I feel you everywhere
Can you feel me?

Let us blow that flame
The darkness engulfs, we have no shame
Oh, I feel your lips on my lips tonight
Your touch, take away all my plight

I hear your laughter everywhere
Can you hear me cry?

Take me where I’ve never been
Pull me through my evil scheme
You and I in the land of ecstasy
Give up the fight

Let us make love tonight
You’re filling up my heart
With your brightest smile

Oh, I sing
You’re my brightest smile

Atta ul Kibria


“The voice, can you hear it?”
With dried up tears on his cheeks
And scarlet cracks in his eyes
He stares at the wall
“I’m here to save you.”
There forms a cloud of smoke
As the moonlight pierces through the window
The smoke glows with a celestial aura
“Cherish the night, boy.”
With hair falling over his forehead
His legs tremble as he walks over to the wall
The smoke vanishes
“Embrace the darkness”
He puts his ear against the wall
Nothing but the ticking of clock
And the dripping of the bathroom sink
“Don’t you love me, boy?”
A gust blasts open the window
Pages of his journal turn to a blank
He looks at the blank page
“Do you know who I am?”
Ghastly silence prevails in the room
Disrupted as the water drips
He mumbles

Atta ul Kibria

The Streetlight-

Why did you make me wonder?
Those blinking streetlights when I was younger
Had fireflies trapped in them
And everyone passing by, they condemn

Oh brother, can you see?
How much I’ve grown since being free
Every day I try my best
To let go and fit in with the rest

My love, they don’t understand
Neither my words nor they hold my hand
How cruel of you to be always right
Being alone amongst lot, to be my plight

Hey kid, don’t you ever cry
Wipe those tears, get up and try
Drop the sword and pick up this pen
Write and vanquish those men

The winter poet, why do you write?
Still writing, haven’t you lost your might?
I’ll sing tonight, your last rites
Be dead until the next winter strikes

Atta ul Kibria

Love Bliss-

Oh you lady jumping in my heart
Hold my hand, let me make you art
For someone so pretty, you’re strong
Come in my arms, let me keep you warm

Oh there’s joy rushing in my veins now
I want to dance, you teach me how now
Let me close my eyes and sway
You’re the sin, I’ll gladly pay

You’re the lilac on my dawn sky
Oh with that smile, you make me fly
I feel the silk and its trace
Your hand going down my face

Don’t you worry honey, it’s just the start
We’ll be one even when apart
Stand in the window, look up to my star
I’ll be with you, no matter how far

Hold on to me and transcend
Darling my heart needs to mend
Tonight we’ll dance on the moon
Kiss me and make me swoon

Atta ul Kibria


Let this hatred nurture
Let my rage become
A reason to go further
Let this love begone

Tremble before my throne
As I look down upon you
Let the darkness be born
To pass judgement that’s due

Nothing such as decent
Nothing such as humble
Cherish the night of the crescent
Let the happiness crumble

Listen to those evil voices
Go and wage war
Annihilate your nemesis
Drink the blood you longed for

Beg me for the providence
Let my words pierce their heart
Those bastards played me hence
Now let me play my part

May these words choke every time they breath
May they fall prey to my disposition
May they won’t find any solace they need
May I succeed in my cruel ambition

You ungrateful scums
Look what you did
May you drown in guilt
You can’t ever get rid

Tonight I’m gone
I’ll haunt you in your dreams
Such unfortunate that you were born
I want to hear your screams

Atta ul Kibria

I Still Love You-

We’re the strings of a broken puppet
We’re the memories of a dying man
We’re the sand in the hour glass
We’re the old stallion that once ran

I want you to know, I still love you

We poisoned the air we breathe
We poisoned the ground we danced on
We poisoned the bodies we touched
We poisoned the hearts we won

I want you to know, I still love you

We made the wind sing
We made the trees sway
We made the snow melt
We made our demons run away

I want you to know
I still love you

Atta ul Kibria

Found Too Late-


What became of him, the poet who lived here
The one with eternal sadness
With gloomy and tired eyes
And a beguiling smirk
He used to write in that coffee shop

What became of him, the poet who sat on this table
One with coffee stained pages
Gulped the pleasure when he wrote
With rough tender hands
He used to cry in the cemetery

What became of him, the poet who cried on this grave
One that trembled on his knees
With tears rolling down his cheeks
And laid a tulip on the tombstone
He used to stand on the old bridge

What became of him, the poet who stood here
One with messy hair
And a coat that swayed
With cold winds from the sea
He used to love that lady around the corner

What became of him, the poet who loved you
One that only sang for you
You are telling me he’s dead
and that his demons devoured him
He used to be a good man, shame

What became of him, the winter poet

Atta ul Kibria



 For so long, they did me wrong
I seek shelter from you, my Lord
The tyranny of this world, for I can not endure

I beseech you for tranquility
For I’ve known none nor can I dwell

All these years that passed by
I’ve slenderly known myself

If I enrage you or I deviate
From the vows that I took
Strike upon my heart, your lighting

For I’ve entitled myself to tormenting

But for the present when it rains
I pray to you, let these water drops
Wash away my sins
Bestow upon me some grace
So I can shed my skin like a serpent

Hear my plea, in this tormenting rain
Forgive me before, my blood is not warm

Atta ul Kibria