The Little Boy-


Once there lived a little boy
Had no friend, had no toy

He ran into the woods, so deep
Went lost and started to weep

He spent the night, where the demons lurk
The little fellow was scared and berk

Wide awake, he heard a voice
The demons conspired and rejoice

The poor boy, little did he know
He kept listening, as the night grow

He remained still, till the morning
As they cast a wicked spell on him

They incited in his mind, a bloody mischief
A scolded child but not again if

He decided to kill all his kins
To be buried under the multitude of sins

From the woods, he found a way
Dark melody on his mind, as he sway

Found his father on the porch, drinking whiskey
Enjoying the morning of his early fifty

The darkness overshadowed his love
Back of father’s neck, the screwdriver he shove

With a creepy smirk, his shoulders go slack
As he saw his mum, washing clothes at the back

He wraps her neck, with the clothesline
Pulled it tight, till she showed no sign

He went inside the house
Blood thirsty like a louse

Inside the cradle, he found his baby brother
Sleeping in peace, his breath smoother

Not once did he think of a sin, so low
As he killed the baby’s breath ‘neath a pillow

The little kid still hungry for more
There’s no cure for a heart so sore

The little boy saved himself for the last
As he blew his head with a pistol’s blast

Atta ul Kibria



She stands alone amidst the dark
As the violet sky shows off its glitters
She finds herself among the constellations
Drifting into a glittery trance
She delves the space for her star
Lilac and crimson, bright and mild
The star of her lover
A lover, she lost among the constellations

Atta ul Kibria

Of Tulips & Her-


I stood there amongst the tulips
As she ambled by
With tired and crimson eyes
I watched her going away
She left behind a dismal scent
As the breeze blew the scent away
I remained there, left with memories
Days and nights, seasons changed

I died everyday, burning in eternal sympathy
Rants of my first love and its symphony

Atta ul Kibria

Into The Dark-


He knows she’s out there
Somewhere, far away in the cosmos
A celestial abyss of nothingness
A spectrum of dark auras
He delves for her every night
With his eyes closed
A body drenched in chill
And a feeling of dismal intimacy
Every night, he drifts further away
Into the love stained canvas of denial

Atta ul Kibria

Children Of Satan-


The wicked sins that we confess
In the darkest hour of day
It’s a long night, we must fight
To keep our mind from wandering stray

The light lost or swallowed up
By the Satan and his child
Our bodies sore, hear a bloody roar
of the lion in the wild

It’s all gone, it’s all lost
We think of consequences, so dire
Just leave us alone and let us burn
In our agony and fire

It’s the evil truth, our demons know
We filled us with hatred and rage
The demons conspire, as they desire
To lock are angels in their cage

We were once, like a pack of wolves
Vicious and together
Turned into, an insane owl
Plucking out his own feathers

Atta ul Kibria

Black Roses-


Don’t you call them lies
Shalt I sing thy demise?

When thou vanished without a trace
Thy voice in my head, thou can’t efface

Thy face in the smoke, I stare
Heavenly beauty, when wind blew thy hair

As the blazes eat the firewood
I can’t walk away, but I should

Fill my grave with black roses
It may sound devilish because it is

Thy face I see, is my demon
No misery, not enough death to bemoan

Atta ul Kibria

The Poem-


With verses engraved on my soul
And my heart beating her name
But the villains think otherwise
Poetry and love can’t be the same

My words crave for her existence
I tried to love her once
Little did I know
“Poets don’t love, you dunce!”

With my words and chants
Now I live with my vanity
In the dungeons of darkness
They now question my sanity

No mystery, why I write
The demons stuck inside my head
They torture me to write them
So I’ll never die when I’m dead

Death is inevitable
So smoke some and get high
Apart from darkness and agony
Lest we care how we die

Atta ul Kibria